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Warns when unauthorized illegal characters are not escaped with character reference in the text node or attribute value.

In certain cases described in other sections, text may be mixed with character references. These can be used to escape characters that couldn't otherwise legally be included in text.

Cite: HTML Living Standard 13.1.4 Character references


This rule doesn't evaluate the characters strictly. Take care that it prompts you to change even if a character doesn't need to escape in a valid location.

❌ Examples of incorrect code for this rule

<div id="a"> > < & " </div>
<img src="path/to?a=b&c=d">

✅ Examples of correct code for this rule

<div id="a"> &gt; &lt; &amp; &quot; </div>
<img src="path/to?a=b&amp;c=d">


"character-reference": boolean

Default Severity