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Peace of mind in your markup An HTML linter for all markup developers

Main features

Conformance checking

The markup needs to written valid code. This is important to keep the promise of the standards that do not break webpages through each user agent. Markuplint can conformance checking given the specs that are HTML Standard, WAI-ARIA, and more.

On Your House Rules

You may have the house rules on your project or your organization. You can check based on your policy or your management. Your application will get high quality because it will be more accessible, more secure, and have higher performance depending on your configuration.

For Designed Structures

Markuplint can check whether components made on the design system of your project are used correctly. It checks attributes, properties, and the relationship that the parent-child of the elements. The design system must be robust.

Applying by selector

Depending on the situation, you probably want to apply to some element. Or want to ignore some. Markuplint has features that select some and apply by CSS Selector, Regular Expression Selector, and more.

Supporting Template Engines

Markuplint can evaluate it for syntaxes and template engines besides HTML through plugins. There are plugins for Pug, JSX(React), Vue, Svelte, Astro, Alpine.js, HTMX, PHP, Smarty, eRuby, EJS, Mustache/Handlebars, Nunjucks, and Liquid. And it also provides the API that creates the plugin for the syntax you want.

Source-code Editor Extension

There is Markuplint Extension for Visual Studio Code. We think it is essential that it detects any problems when on input. Because you can recognize problems more easily and quickly than CLI. And that is helpful training to code HTML for beginners.