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Thanks for trying to contribute or interesting.

You can contribute to:

Its purpose is all developers are able to better markup and fit each of diverse their projects. So we want you to contribute. Your thought leads to diversity.

Code contribution

You need:

  • Node.js v18 or later.
  • Yarn

After cloning this repository, you can also install them through Docker.

When you wrote code then:

  • Format and lint code through yarn lint.
  • Check to build successfully through yarn build.
  • Test your code through yarn test.
  • Push to the topic branch and open a pull request.
  • Assign reviewer:
    • For the improved code: @yusukehirao
    • For plugins: @yusukehirao
    • For documents/website: @yusukehirao, @kagankan
    • For dockerfile: @conao3
    • For GitHub Actions: @tyankatsu0105