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Code of Conduct



This Code of Conduct aims to ensure that all participants in Markuplint interact with mutual respect and foster an open and inclusive environment. We commit to providing a safe and welcoming space for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, age, religion, etc.


This Code of Conduct applies to all individuals contributing to the project and all public spaces involving the project (such as GitHub repositories, official social media accounts, events, etc.).

Expected Behavior

  • Respect for each other: Communication should always be professional and friendly.
  • Cooperation and friendliness: We promote a cooperative environment, supporting and welcoming other participants.
  • Diversity and inclusion: We value diversity and inclusion, striving to ensure everyone can be themselves.
  • Respecting different viewpoints: We welcome different perspectives and encourage constructive criticism.

Unacceptable Behavior

  • Harassment: Any form of harassment, including sexual language and imagery, inappropriate jokes, bullying, threats, stalking, and invasion of privacy, is unacceptable.
  • Discrimination: Discriminatory behavior or language based on gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, religion, etc., is prohibited. In Markuplint development, mentions of personal attributes of developers or users should be almost nonexistent. While the context might include the organization, development system, or culture to which one belongs in feature requests, this should also be largely unnecessary. Therefore, such mentions and discussions are generally unwelcome.
  • Offensive behavior: Openly insulting others or attacking any individual or group goes against the values of our community.

Acceptable and Encouraged Behaviors

We encourage active participation and diversity within the community and particularly welcome the following behaviors:

  • Multilingual Support: Recognizing the diversity of our developers and users, we do not limit communications to English alone. Despite the source code being in English for consistency, we encourage the use of any language in Issues and other communications. We understand that nuances may not always be fully captured across languages, but we believe in reducing barriers to participation by supporting multilingual communication. This approach aims to make our community more accessible and inclusive for everyone, regardless of their primary language.
  • Open Usage Under the MIT License: Our project is licensed under the MIT License, which encourages the broadest possible use, modification, and distribution of our software. We advocate for the utilization of the freedoms granted by this license to the fullest extent, enabling everyone to contribute to and benefit from our project in a manner that complies with the open source license. This ensures that our community remains vibrant, innovative, and accessible to all.

Measures in Case of Violation

If a violation is reported, community administrators will act swiftly to verify the facts and respond appropriately. This may include issuing warnings, temporary, or permanent bans from participation.

Reporting Method

If you witness or experience a violation, please report it to contact information. All reports will be treated confidentially and addressed promptly and fairly.

Contact Information

Revision History

Please refer to the history in the GitHub repository.