Use list element

Prompt to use list element when a bullet character is at the start of a text node.

Rule Details

👎 Examples of incorrect code for this rule

  •Apple<br />
  •Banana<br />

👍 Examples of correct code for this rule



Specify the characters of the bullet that you expect to interpret as a list. It expects an array of code points.

  • Type: string[]
  • Deafult Value: Bullets

It executes after decoding character references to be a code point. For example, it decodes "&bullet;" to be "\u2022". Note: You must specify a code point instead of the character reference you need. It supports the surrogate pair code points.


PropertyTypeOptionalDefault ValueDescription
spaceNeededBulletsstring[]["-", "*", "+"]Bullets that require space to detect as a list item

Default severity